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Leadership Workshop 請了四個 guests 來
兩個 U.S. Consulate 兩個係香港住的美國勁人
但我都幾 enjoy....好過平時....好多)

頭兩個都幾幽默, 一個本身是台灣人
但卻在美國土生土長, 令人想起美國以'意念'建國
可能和早上tutor <香港社會>有關吧

只知一個是 www.overseasvote.com 的創立人
和兩個都是 Democrats (美國主要分兩派--民主和共和)
兩個都係我跟過的人 (以記者身份呀~ 我無黨派的)

(大家去看看, 真係好佩服)
There's this man on a beach, throwing starfish that were caught on shore.
A tourist asked, "what are you doing?"
He said, "If they can't get back to the sea, they'll dehydrate and die."
The tourist said, "But what use is that? There are thousands of starfish here."
The man picked up a starfish again, and threw it back to the ocean.
"I just made a difference to that one."
他說了一些數字, download rate呀, 整體投票人數呀, 海外美國人呀....
我就覺得無所謂 He already made a difference.

我難得被美國人感動 是我第一次特別喜歡美國來的人

他還說昨晚去Bill Clinton (是呀, 他來了香港) 的書本簽名會
Mr. Clinton stopped and said, 'Good for you!'
真為他高興, 可以想像到那一刻他會是多麼興奮!
Democrats, do something!
Being the president of America is really not just an America thing.
So yes, do something for the world.

"Anger motivates politcal leadership"
佢話美國咁多年來都冇虐待過人, 係布殊搞成咁...
"My kids were born in HK....what I do now I do it for them...education is empowerment for the youth to take up the responsibilty for a role, no matter how tiny that role is.."
"We can't allow 'liberty', 'democracy' have their values robbed, just because of how Mr. Bush use them.''

Just when you consider what the two of them have done, one'll find the above most inspiring and touching. (oh 好 LDP 呀)



呀, 同日收到 Alvin 由美國寄來的 postcard
好感動呀~ 多謝龔 x 豪!
(你好勁, 我真係唔記得左你個名, x 係咪翔呀?)
佢亦提醒左我, 今晚係元宵


小查 said...

your post reminds the exciting lecture

i am deeply motivated by them too

ur memory are so ging

i can't remember every word..ha

it would be nice if there is recording of the lecture :D

anitatata said...

reading what u wrote about the feelings of the talk on Tue. I am sure u will learn quite a lot in the lecture if u were one of us in the U.S. group last summer holiday!!
I got similar feeling as urs too!!!
i was quite impressed by the Taiwanese American, i think he must be very brillient fir such a young gentleman working in the Department of State. Hurrah~ (a kind of mutual identity..wawawa..haha)

蘇菲 said...

我個生日密碼話我天生係個革命者,我常常都感受到的,所以我常希望為一些地方帶來革命,e.g 中學時不滿學校制度、去過六四後想長大後為港爭取點民主、到長大後就為莊帶來一些改革…可能人能做的事的規模都不會太大,但能做到感覺真的很好。你是明日領袖呢....hahaha...

Jen said...

hey cindy baby, you know what... i did thought of applying for an internship position @ the HK US counsulate.. . sounds fun~ (well, i get to work back in HK wor...of course.. hahaha...) but anyway, thoughts didn't turn into action...

what i wanna say is, pls seperate bush and american... they are not equal... this gorilla has no idea what the hell he's doing what so ever.... also fyi, the person who used to write speeches for bill clinton is chinese american ...